The Nation Needs the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), not Donald Trump, should be the primary source of medical information about the pandemic and of recommendations what needs to be done.


The CDC should be urgently expanding cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) rather than following the orders of Donald Trump not to do so.


Because the CDC has been seriously depleted and cowered by Donald Trump, our country more than any other is plagued by a far worse pandemic than should have been.


In March, we Psychiatrists and Allied Health Professionals pleaded with the country to take seriously and implement our “Prescription for Survival” (


Had our professional expert advice been heeded, we would have had far fewer deaths and economic devastation that we have since suffered.


With even greater urgency, we renew our plea that our Prescription for Survival be immediately heeded.


Unless the CDC immediately fulfills its mandate and responsibilities, if it tragically continues to allow a seriously mentally disturbed person who happens to inhabit the White House to mislead the nation so badly, even greater death and destruction will result.