2024 Announcements

Dr. Lee’s New Book is Out!

The Psychology of Trump Contagion:

An Existential Threat to American Democracy and All Humankind

Dr. Lee’s New York Times bestseller, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, which in 2017 was so unexpectedly successful, it took one of the Big Five publishers five weeks of repeat printings not to sell out instantly each time!  Her second book on Trump, Profile of a Nation, predicted in 2020 a violent insurrection and a “presidency that will not end with an election.”  Now, Dr. Lee’s third book, The Psychology of Trump Contagion, is a natural progression from her first two prescient ones, and her warnings are stark: she explains the rise of fascism, which she calls, “not a political ideology but mental pathology in politics.”  No other book elucidated “the dangerous case of Donald Trump” so accurately and so early as Dr. Lee had with his rise to the presidency.  Similarly, no other book will illustrate “the more dangerous case of Donald Trump,” from his deterioration to his followers to the culture, as will her new book.  Order her book now to learn about the true extents of Trump’s impairments and their effects on his followers, the nation, and the globe.  It is the most critical reading you can do at this critical time!

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On June 17, 2024, a panel of eminent psychiatrists submitted to the New York City Department of Probation and the Judge their dangerousness risk assessment of Donald Trump.  It is for consideration at the time of sentencing, on July 11, 2024.  Please check back here for the contents of the report after sentencing!

A major conference is being planned for September 2024 at the National Press Club.  Please check back for more information!