This is a time of extraordinary danger to the nation because a man who wields the powers of the presidency of the United States has failed to understand the gravity of a public health threat.

It is a time of unprecedented danger to the constitutional order of our country because a man with severe mental problems cannot accept the basic norms and laws of civic life.

We are in a time of tremendous danger to humanity’s survival because a man who is demonstrably incapable of serving in office in multiple ways controls the most destructive weapons in history.

We brought together the nation’s foremost mental health experts at a Yale Conference in April 2017 who warned psychological dangerousness in the presidency would devolve into social, cultural, and geopolitical dangerousness.  The proceedings went into a bestselling book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, which accurately anticipated the presidency’s course.

We followed up at the National Press Club in Washington in March 2019 with experts of law, history, political science, economics, social psychology, journalism, propaganda studies, nuclear science, and climate science, who described how the president was unfit from each of their perspectives.

We now conclude it is our even more urgent responsibility to speak to the nation with a collective voice at this time of unprecedented and accelerating dangers because of the president’s apparent unraveling with increasingly dangerous statements and actions.

We believe the Washington authorities, the State and Municipal officials, and our military leaders should refuse illegal orders, such as the attempted militarization of our capital city and the threatened military invasion of states and local communities by the White House.

We believe the citizens of our country, “We the People,” should refuse to allow the president to advance authoritarian and neo-fascist methods, attitudes, and policies reminiscent of tragedies that have befallen countries in recent and past history.

We further believe Donald Trump must be urgently sidelined from the pandemic crisis, which he has disastrously mismanaged, causing incalculable deaths and economic devastation.

We urge our fellow citizens to support us in our “Prescription for Survival” — — to demand that a man clearly mentally disturbed and demonstrably unfit to lead our country be removed from power or otherwise be restrained.

Please help us to publicize this statement