100 Senior Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals Sign Statement declaring:


In early 2017, an alarmed group of mental health professionals came together and warned against the psychological dangers of a Donald Trump presidency.  We have since grown exponentially in number and present ourselves again with an urgent warning.

DONALD TRUMP is a severe, growing, and imminent danger to the United States and the international community and should be removed from presidency and candidacy for reelection for reasons of dangerousness and unfitness.

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Along with many other travesties, his severe mental disturbances are largely responsible for the tragic way the government has terribly mishandled the Covid-19 pandemic.

Such a person would ordinarily be required by employer or family to undergo a comprehensive mental health evaluation and be removed from weapons and authority.  All military personnel with any responsibility for nuclear weapons are required to pass rigorous psychological testing yearly—except the Commander-in-chief.

This is why, for public health and not political reasons, we Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals are warning against greater dangers ahead.

  • We started with a Conference at Yale University in 2017
  • Proceedings of the Conference are found in our public-service book, THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President
  • We held a Major Interdisciplinary Conference, broadcast in full on C-SPAN from the National Press Club, and formed an Independent Panel of Top Experts to perform a Mental Capacity Evaluation in 2019, which the President failed
  • All have led to our PRESCRIPTION FOR SURVIVAL and recent REFILL at PrescriptionForSurvival.org.
  • We conclude that the great majority of deaths and suffering from Covid-19, not to mention stoking of racial tensions, violence, and threat to democracy, are the direct result of the psychological disturbances we have repeatedly warned against
  • And now the World Mental Health Coalition, an organization of thousands of mental health professionals, published its full track record of letters, petitions, and conference transcripts in its over 300-page book, DOCUMENTS, which you can find on our web site, DangerousCase.org.

Donald Trump should never have been allowed to so endanger the country, resulting in enormous costs of life, vast suffering, and escalating social unrest.  He should have been removed from office or at least influence long ago.  His continuation in the Office of the Presidency threatens the wellbeing, the basic institutions, and the Constitution of the United States in ways that may have been unimaginable for the public but were well-predicted within the mental health community since the beginning.

It is not too late to prevent further suffering and calamities.  We urge members of the U.S. Congress and “We the People” of the United States to act to remove the dangers, as outlined in our PRESCRIPTION FOR SURVIVAL: PrescriptionForSurvival.org.